Yin & Yang Yoga Workshop

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23rd of September – focus on the Autumn Equinox

4th of November – focus on Slowing Down

Time: 9 to 12 – Both Dates

Price: 400 kr

Drinks & snack included

Immerse yourself in this 3 hour workshop where we will combine Yin & Yang Yoga so that you can experience the benefits of both styles in balance with one another.  Good for your body, mind & soul.  As always we will finish with a homemade plant-based snack and tea before heading out into the world.  This workshop can leave you feeling energised, open, rested and refreshed 💫

What is Yin?
Yin yoga focuses on the deep and dense tissues of the body. Each pose will be held for up to 5 minutes, allowing you to release and let go in order to go deeper and build up more flexibility.  In Yin you will be encouraged to be mindful and aware of the breath, any sensations, and thoughts that may arise in the practice.  Words that are associated with Yin are stillness, softness, internal, and passive.
What is Yang?
Yang yoga focuses on the muscles and blood.  Poses are linked together in a flowing sequence, building both strength and stamina.  In Yang you will be encouraged to link the breath to movement, seamlessly transitioning from one pose to the next, pausing from time to time to hold a dynamic pose for up to 5 breaths.  Words that are associated with Yang are flow, warming, external, and active.
Price: 400 kr.
Booking is essential

Class Timetable

  Open Time Close Time Trainer Address
05/04/2023 09:00 12:00 Yin & Yang Yoga Workshop
23/09/2023 09:00 12:00 Johanna
04/11/2023 09:00 12:00 Johanna
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09:00 - 12:00 - with Johanna - at
09:00 - 12:00 - with Johanna - at